Here are some zI have heard that served the person well...I have decided to quit drinking alcohol because:

1. last weekend I told myself I would have one beer at the BBQ but, as you all know, instead I ran my Tesla into a parked cop car and blew 2.0. Now I have told myself, and I am telling all of you, my new limit is no beers. I just need to not drink.

2. last night I had a vision of (Isis, Freya, Mother Mary, Tara whoever might makes an impression on you) and she told me I need to never touch alcohol again or (I will never have children, I will die of cancer within a year, or whatever actually scares you the most). I know it’s super (weird, glorious, or whatever) but please respect my decision here.

3. I want to be sober. I don’t want to make a big deal about it. Help me or leave me alone.

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It will never be the same again with friends but you just have to move on for your health and sanity. But lets not kid ourselves; the party is over and life will be different; get support where you can and when you need it. Don't neglect your mental health; There is a limit to how much normal drinkers can understand, and you don't have to explain it to them; Find your own community.

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When I was approaching 40, I became aware that my instant recall of names and my extensive vocabulary, both of which had benefited me greatly in my life and career, were slipping a bit. So I tried certain supplements billed as memory enhancing (acetyl l-carnatine) and thought I could see improvement. But when I quit drinking, at about 6 months my special skills came back in full force. I was both elated by the improvement and saddened that I had not perceived the extent to which I was hobbling myself when I had believed that alcohol was a necessary and beneficial part of my social and work life.

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Dear Deimer You are welcome to use my comment about not drinking if you find it useful. I say that I’m not drinking because I have reached my lifetime quota. When I say that people chuckle and I find the humor deflects any need to say more. Good luck. So worth it.

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